The screwdriver is a kind of hand-operated tool and which plays a vital role in loosening or removing the screws from any materials. Even though the technology got improved the importance of screwdriver is never get reduced and it is very easy to carry too.

The screwdriver will have the slotted heads and that helps you in turning up the screws from the materials. Most people used to ask that can I use a screwdriver as a chisel, the answer will be no because both of these things are manufactured for a different purpose.

The screwdriver will have the slotted heads but the chisel-shaped cutting edges and the chisel are highly used to carve the heavy materials like the stone, wood and the metal by the hand.

Techniques of screwdriver

The important technique of the screwdriver is to make use of the right size screwdriver because there are various types and sizes in the screwdriver, each of them has a specific purpose.

The technique of tightening and the loosening the screw is very simple, you just have to push the screwdriver towards their head and then rotate them in the way that is to tight or loose the screws.

In other simple words, if you want to tight the screws rotate them in a clockwise direction and to loosen the screw rotate them in an anti-clockwise direction. When it comes to screwdriver vs chisel, the screwdriver is the best and they can be used effectively.

Types of screwdrivers

The screwdriver is there is a variety of types and in sizes based on your need, you can make use of it. Each of them gets different in their tip and the type of screw they drive. Generally, two common screwdriver tips are existing in the market and they are;

Slot-headed screwdriver

This slot-head screwdriver consists of the flat blade so that it gets fits into the single slot of the screws and they are one of the very oldest and most common type screwdrivers in the world.

Phillips-head screwdriver

This type of screwdriver has the four-point end and that gets fits into the corresponding shallows of the screw. This design permits the users to apply the high torque to the traditional flat-shaped screwdriver.

Final words

The first thing you have to understand is the screwdriver is not a chisel, by this, you should grasp the knowledge on purpose or screwdriver so that you can make use of them in the right way.