Screwdriver is a kind of tool which is used to tighten or loosen the screws that are present over the materials. There are different varieties and sizes in the screwdriver and based upon the use you can make use of them.

One among those types is a neon screwdriver and the specialty of this screwdriver is they combine threw function of small terminal screwdrivers. Along with this, the screwdriver contains the main voltage detector.

They are popular among the electricians but still, it has several safety issues. Most people used to say that the neon screwdrivers dangerous and due to this the usage also gets reduced little.

This neon screwdriver is just a voltage tester and they are otherwise said to be voltage indicators. 

Working principles

The neon screwdriver is similar to the normal screwdrivers but it contains the neon in their handle. The power that flows through the screw driving tip to the resistor and then to the neon in their handle.

While touching the brass cap, the body’s natural capacitance will produce enough power to flow through the screwdriver and this causes the neon to light.

The small current that is passed by the screwdriver is entirely harmless, by this, there is no electric shock produced under the normal condition.

The disadvantage of a neon screwdriver

Below are some of the disadvantages of neon screwdrivers are mentioned that is to create knowledge in you;

  • When by chance the water or condensation happens on the resistor that can result in the shock of the tool in the user.
  • This is the reason why it is not suggestible to hold the screwdriver in the mouth or with the watery hands. In certain tools there is a chance for faults such as a resistor failure and that can create similar risks.
  • Sometimes the lightning of the neon is very dim so that you cannot visualize especially in the daylight, in that case, you may touch the live wire by chance and results in the shock. This is one of the common modes of screwdriver failure.
  • To prevent these risks, you should check the live wire of the tester so that you can prevent the possible risks that could happen.

Final thoughts

Even though there are certain advantages to make use of neon screwdrivers, these are some of the cons of neon screwdrivers. To handle it in a safe way you should aware of all those cons of screwdrivers.