Air travel is always enjoyable to every traveler and packing for air travel could be a daunting task to anyone. Over the years, today the packing rules and limitations for your air travel from the particular country to another country has been changed a lot. According to such rules only you should need to pack your backpack with all your required things. When it is a woman or young girl to travel from one place to another, she mainly considers her makeup kits to pack. You must need to learn how much sunscreen to pack for a week for your traveling.

Today, there are more restrictions to what you bring, when to arrive, how much you can stuff in the pack and etc. The travelers should need to consider all of these things to carry all your necessities only within the required limit.

Basics of packing for your air travel:

the optional list about travelEach and every traveler should need to make a complete list of things which you would like to pack in your bag. At the same time, it is necessary to check out this list twice or thrice to confirm whether you take all the important things for packing. You have to list out the essentials first and put the remaining things in the optional list. The following things are the necessities which will give you the most comfortable feel while traveling in the flight. They include,

  • Most comfortable loose clothing
  • Slip-on shoes which can be easily removable when you feel flight swelling
  • Additional layer of cloth for warmth when there is a freezing flights or roll it into your pillow for having comfortable sleep.
  • Clean socks and clean feet would be essential while going for the flight travel because the smart wool material of the socks will provide you the best level of dryness or warmth as possible.
  • The travelers should also need to wear the ear plugs and eye mask for such moments of maximum needed silence & darkness.

In order to take all of these things, you must consider the suitable sized travel containers which are currently available in the market.

Bringing makeup kits while flight travel:

While going to the flight travel, most of the younger girls and women would often like to wear makeup. The following are the crucial tips which can be highly helpful to improve your overall appearance throughout your trip.

  • It is significant to carry the emergency makeup kit in order to avoid looking haggard when you are getting out of the flight.
  • The travelers should need to bring the fragrance of full size bottle to be fresh at all.
  • Sunscreen is must to all the air travelers because the sun light or climate of the particular country or city may not be safer for your skin type. Using sunscreen on both face and body will be safer for your skin.


With all these makeup items, the travelers should also bring bobby pins, hair elastics, a clip and some other basic makeup kits to have stunning appearance at all.