Every day we are looking for a profession to practice. There are different jobs from the usual ones that yield adequate salaries to be able to maintain ourselves and our family in the best way, such as that to be exercised on merchant ships, ideal not only for the economic aspect but also for its extreme charm. So if you are a lover of the sea and like to travel the world traveling and working, it is good to know this form of employment.

  • Having a cultural preparation

In order to find work on merchant ships, a certain cultural preparation would be appreciated, which is usually achieved with nautical studies for this sector? In fact, those who think about embarking on this career should attend, after finishing secondary school, a technical institute to receive information, concepts and anything else important regarding the sea, ships and astronomy in a theoretical way. After graduation instead a good practice is recommended to accumulate experience, in an optimal manner, in this area.

  • Be provided with documents

It is important to clarify that, in order to be able to embark; you must obtain basic documents such as the navigation booklet, issued by the Port Authority. This is an essential certification because only with the same can you start the registration to Marine Personnel, necessary to begin to carry out the work argued. It is good to point out that the first attestation mentioned above is granted to those who pass special tests that assess whether the same individual has an excellent physical fitness and knows the particular theoretical and practical notions concerning the boats and the waters that should be traveled.

  • Attend training courses

jobs-in-cruise-shipAfter two months from the request, useful time to get everything, if the right validity has been verified, the applicant must compulsorily attend professional training courses, to obtain the necessary qualification to operate on merchant ships, entering, consequently in the ” sea ​​waiting for boarding “highlighting its generality and qualifications, such as a hub or, deck officer or even a car, following what he has previously studied. We have now reached this third and last step of this guide on how to find work on board a merchant ship.

Cruise ships employ hundreds of employees in each ship of the fleet of a company. Working on a cruise has a lot of pros and cons. Benefits for employment include visiting exotic destinations, meeting customers and earning money. Disadvantages include working conditions and life aboard the ship.

  • Free travel

crew-have-free-employment-daysOne of the benefits of working on a cruise is that even crew members have free employment days. The crew that passengers, will enjoy a day at one of the ports, that the ship arrives or just relax on the boat. Working on a cruise allows employees to travel around the world while getting money.

You should not normally check goods or take samples on a ship, but if you need to, always make sure that the master, crew and possibly. Other operational staff nearby know what you intend to do. This guide is only intended to provide an overview of the safety hazards you may encounter when operating on ships and other vessels.

You must be conscious of these risks and avoid unsafe situations.

You must not go in any kind of area of ​​the ship which is not accessible for the public without special authorization and, if compulsory, regulation.

If a recognized hazard or risk cannot be avoided, you must not carry on without sufficient guidance, training, and, if necessary, the proper permission of the professional or the proprietor of the vessel.

  • Discounts

In proportion to the website of the jobs in cruise ship, most cruises use to offer staffs a 25 percent reduction to book family holidays, and stores that are on the ship and all other goods obtained on the boat. In addition, accommodation and boarding happens to be free of charge. Crew members happens not to have any kind of real expenditures, as the company covers food, uniform and room rates.

  • Working conditions

According to the website cruise ship job, the inconvenience of working on a cruise is that the average daily working time 10 hours and the week 60. Sometimes working conditions are hectic and customers are very demanding as quality in customer service is a priority on all cruises.

  • Living conditions

The living conditions for crew members are not luxurious at all. A common member shares a taxi with at least one other crew member; in some cases, share with two or three. Because halls are closed on the boat, airborne diseases often occur.

  • Pay

The salary scale of employee cruise varies the position they occupy. The salary can be regarded as an advantage or disadvantage depending on the position of the employee. According to the website cruise ship job, the average salary for an upcoming employee is between US $ 1,500 and US $ 2,000 per month. An experienced employee or a higher position in the crew can earn between US $ 2,000 and US $ 6,000 per month.

Employees are one of the most important elements for the shipping company. With the development we are in, we will need qualified labor for years to come. So if you have a maritime education, we would like to hear from you.

Pros and  Cons of working on a cruise ship

There are certain benefits of working on a cruise ship, as you see a lot of the world. At the same time, you must also bear in mind that there are certain drawbacks to working on a cruise ship. Take this with you in your decision. This is how it works hard on a cruise ship. Sometimes there are services of 16 hours. You also have little privacy, because you usually share a small cabin with three other crew members. Even in your spare time you will not be able to get off the ship quickly, unless it is in a port, but even then there is a chance that you have to work. Furthermore, you are a long time away from home. This is wonderful for some people, but you have to be able to handle that.

Last Words

So we see, in the following guide, how to find work on merchant ships. The procedure is sometimes very long but it can lead to finding the occupation that has always been dreamed of. Here is the procedure to be observed and the required documentation. After this brief introduction, we can therefore begin the first step of this guide.