When you have an idea about the punching and piercing, you should have to build the knowledge over sheet metal operations.

The sheet metal operations are coming under the category of fabrication operations. During this operation, certain tools are used in the process of blanking, punching, piercing and trimming and that consist of punch and die. Each of these processes performs different functions.

When you are holding the metal manufacturing company you should know the difference between punching and piercing process, so that you can make use of them in an effective way.

Below you can find the overview of two common most machining processes that are punching and piercing; idea about the punching and piercing

What is piercing?

The piercing is a type of shearing process and ion which the flat raw metal is pierced with the help of the machining tool. This process results in the creation of a circular or another shaped hole. When the raw metal is getting pierced the newly created hole on the metal is considered as scrap.

The piercing machine pushes a tool, said to be blanking punch by the sheet metal. And in piercing, there are several processes and that includes the lancing, perforating, notching and trimming.

Simply the piercing is the method through which the hole will be created over the metal sheet. Most people used to think the piercing and punching are the same processes but both of these processes perform different work, based on the need you can make use punching or piercing machining process.

What is punching?

After the piercing process over, the punching process begins and here the process removes the scrap metal from the raw metal sheet. This process requires the punching press of a punching machine that is to compress the tool through the raw metal sheet.comes to punching vs piercing

The punching is mostly performed by using the sheet metal and it supports some other materials also like, plastic, paper, and a variety of fibers.

This punch press usually presses the sheet metal that is placed against the die. So that the punched metal sheet will take the same shape as the die used.

When it comes to punching vs piercing, both of them are used for specific functions but the punching process is very important because they give the shape to the metal.

Final words

In general, the punching and piercing both are unique machining operations and all these methods are used to manipulate the sheet metal. But each of these processes works differently. So it is better to have previous knowledge over it.