Difference Between a Track Saw And a Circular Saw

The track saw and circular saw look very similar. They both can cut straight lines and angled lines and have a circular blade. The circular saw and a track saw used to cut a variety of materials. They are slightly different in their application. The best track saw beauty is in its simplicity, and it is easy to set up and use. It is an excellent tool for not only the woodworkers but also for other professionals.

The circular saw will work effectively, including good blade visibility, smooth guard retraction and a flat set parallel to the blade. Here is the difference between the circular saw and a track saw of their best.

Track Saw

Features of a track saw

The track saw consists of depth of the cut scale on the front of the tool. It has the locking device on the side to set the plunge. The plunging in the track saw is very easy, and there is a release lever above the trigger. Pressing the release lever allows the blade to pivot down your cutting piece. The blades in the track saw stay inside until you press the release lever. This ensures that your finger stays safe when it is not in use. The grip in the track saw was made of soft rubber. The track saw come with the unique dust collection feature. A few tracks saw have the riving knife in them. You can see them behind the blade.

Benefits of a track saw

  • A track saw can be used for the extended rip cut, cross cut and angular cut accurately.
  • The track saw is mainly used to slice down large boards into smaller rectangular sections.
  • It provides mobility and ease of use during the manufacture of the furniture.
  • The other benefit of track saw is to cut the plywood, particleboard, MDF and OSB.

Circular saw

Features of a circular saw

The circular saws lower guard will retract freely during any cuts due to the blade depth or cutting angle. The guards will have angled lower edges and rounded lobes to ride up the material. Cast metal guards with rounded edges often work with rough edges to make it better after a smoothing. Modern circular saws have much of the shoe cut away in the middle to achieve lower level angles, they have variance in shoe flatness across the width. The long cutoff piece is in contact with both the left and right shoes’ parameter which will bridge the gap. Being flat, a circular saw shoe will have edges to set parallel to the blade to run effectively.

Benefits of a circular saw

  • The circular saw tools will not be struck deeply; they will not strike into the other materials. You can unplug it at any time.
  • It is available for both handed peoples so You can choose according to your dominant hand.
  • The circular saw consists of the LED lights, which help to use them precisely even in low light conditions.
  • It makes clean through and used for the tearing process to make all kind of decorative materials.

Hence the details mentioned above about the track saw vs circular saw will give all useful information. So both are best in their own way and you can use it according to your purpose.